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Once you have selected your tree/theme, give us a call to place your order.  There are details to be discussed that can be communicated only one-on-one and we want to be sure you are delighted with your experience.
Our Rent-A-Tree service is designed to appeal to consumers who understand the familiar wisdom that "time is money".
We want to be able to create a holiday experience for you that is quick, easy, no-clutter and affordable.
With Rent-A-Tree, you have turn key pricing on labor, materials, moving and storage.
We take care of all of that for you.
There are a few product/service specifics that need to be in place:
  1. Customer assumes responsibility to prevent damage or loss to rental items while rental item is in place.
  2. Refundable deposit of $300 due at time of reservation
    1. Refundable within 5-7 business days after time of retrieval if rental items are in same condition as when delivered.
    2. Refund will be adjusted by BNR Designs/Rent-A-Tree to accommodate any damage , lost rental items or blackened lights.
    3. No refund will be given if reservation is cancelled less than 30 days in advance of delivery date.
  3. Rental Price due at time of delivery.
    1. Visa/Mastercard
    2. Check
  4. A dedicated electrical source is necessary for the Rent-A-Tree concept to work.
    1. Do NOT use heavy amp equipment such as vacuum clearners or floor cleaning equipment plugged into the same circuit as the tree/decorations.  They will destabilize the electricity for the Rent-A-Tree lights and blacken the bulbs. 
    2. For blackened bulbs, there will be no service replacement during the rental period.
  5. Service call $75 per hour, one hour minimum beyond the first 48 hours after installations. 
    1. With good communication between all parties, service calls are rarely needed.
    2. Service calls usually entail small adjustments to decorations.  Post delivery changes to colors or themes will be considered major and will result additional rental charges and the forfeiture of the deposit. 
    3. If the relocation of any tree or decorations is needed, only BNR Designs/Rent-A-Tree may make the changes.  Customer changes will void your refund.
  6. All stakeholders to acknowledge in writing (e-mail) installation and retrieval time.  Phone numbers must be provided for daytime and night time contact from each stakeholder.
    1. Homeowner
    2. Requestor (commercial)
    3. Facilities (with instructions for a delivery time window and accessible doors)
    4. Security (with all on-duty staff notified of the delivery/retrieval)
    5. If there is miscommunication between the stakeholders and the delivery/installation is delayed for more than 30 minutes, a service call will be deducted from your refundable deposit.
  7. Decorated areas will be in broom clean condition at installation and retrieval.  Keep in mind that ‚Äčit is not possible to remove all glitter from surfaces during the installation/delivery/retrieval.  We all know it is a sign that the elves have been on the premises.
  8. BNR Designs/Rent-a Tree assumes no liability for accident or injury to any person or property while the rental item is installed, in place, or during retrieval.

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